The aesthetics of any office are just as important as the products they sell or the services they provide. An important element of the composition of any office is its bins. While it may not seem like a life-or-death decision, they type of office bin that you buy can say a lot about your company to your customers. Here are some important things to consider when choosing an office bin for your business!


Depending on the type of industry you are in and the type of image you want your business to have, you may want to consider a wide variety of stylistic options in your office bin. For instance, a sleek, metallic, hinged bin may convey to your customers that your business is no-nonsense, modern, and highly demanding. This may be different than the type of atmosphere a simple open-topped basket bin may convey. It is crucial to consider all of your options in the office bins that you buy and truly think about how an outsider to the business may judge you based upon the stylistic components of the bin and what type of bin that it is. Style is important to consider not only for customers, but for your workforce as well. An unhappy, uncaring workforce can suddenly be motivated by the appearance of something as simple as a new rubbish bin.


While it may not be of the utmost importance in all companies, the colour of your office rubbish bins is also an important decision to consider. An unsightly colour for an office bin in a certain type of office can be distracting and distasteful. Instead, try picking a colour for your trash bin that won’t clash with the colours and ambiance that you currently use in your office space! Modern, darker colours will be complemented by a darker black or grey bin, while a lighter atmosphere can use lighter colours to their advantage. If your office utilizes style and the use of matching components and colours, you should consider how the colour of your bin can enhance the aesthetics of your workplace.


You should also change the type of bin you are planning on purchasing based on how much waste your company actually uses. Very large bins may not be cost effective to a small business with only a few employees, while a large company certainly does not want to use rubbish bins that are too small for their needs, leading to constant disposal! The perfect office bin for your company should facilitate your waste management needs by providing the right amount of waste size without taking up too much space in the office. Consider just how much waste your company produces, and how often you plan on taking out your rubbish before concretely deciding on an office bin!


Offices of different industries may need differing rubbish bins based on the type of waste they throw away and how much their bin needs to withstand. For instance, an office that throws away a lot of heavy waste, such as construction products, may need an office bin that is able to carry a lot of physical pounds of rubbish. In other circumstances, it may not matter how much the bin can hold, but how internally sturdy it is; this may be important for companies disposing of a lot of food waste or other degradable materials, that don’t want to worry about how this may affect the inside of their bin and certainly don’t want to have odour emanating from it. Choose the right office bin for your company based on how much protection and support you need!

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