How far would you go to have a clean bin? Let us guess: you’d make sure that general waste, recycling and food scraps were separated, that the bins were emptied regularly, and maybe you’d even place some newspaper at the bottom of each one to soak up inevitable leaks. Some people go one step further and scrub their bins every month or two, and others go the whole hog and pay for a professional bin cleaning service on a regular basis.

Well, if keeping your bin clean were a competition, we’re sorry to say you lost… by a long chalk! But don’t worry, we all did; everyone, that is, except for environmentally friendly couple Jen and Grant, who took bin hygiene to a whole new level, and their way of life along with it.

The Clean Bin Project is exactly that: a project about keeping their bin clean. But what’s the best way to keep something clean? Simple, by never putting anything inside it. And so Jen and Grant decided to spend a year creating zero waste whatsoever, aside from the unavoidable biological purges that our bodies submit us to on a daily basis. From a burger with no toothpick to making their own toothpaste, the dedicated couple laugh in the face of annoying other shoppers and making service worker’s days that little bit more irritating.

Though we certainly don’t suggest you work to a zero waste economy yourself, perhaps the enjoyable video in the link above will make you think twice about using multiple napkins or double-bagging your groceries.¬†However, something’s just struck us… what do they do about toilet paper?



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