Most of us take recycling at home very seriously. We’re supplied bins for general rubbish, organic waste and mixed recyclables by the council, who also empty them for us from outside our homes on a regular basis. As a result, we make sure to make the most of them.

But what about in the workplace? Do you recycle there as efficiently as you do in your home? How about all of those scraps of paper, do they get recycled? And do you honestly put lunchtime food packaging in the right bin?

This is why we stock a huge range of bins designed specifically for the workplace. From a single cheap and cheerful office waste basket to a stainless steel designer waste bin, we have something to meet your needs, style, timeframe and budget.

We’ll leave the decision making up to you, unless of course you want our advice, in which case give us a shout by calling 01452 859840 or emailing Something that we’d recommend first though is taking a walk around the work areas you have in mind and jotting down what type of bins they’ll need, and the quantities that will suit. For example, it’s easy to think that everyone in the main office needs a waste bin, plus one paper bin for them all to share, but perhaps it would work better the other way round due to the sheer amount of waste paper that we all produce.

If you have a water cooler or tea machine, we sell bins specially designed for used cups and even leftover liquids. And if you have a smoking area, we have cigarette bins that range from the simple wall-mounted option to the stylish and visually engaging Smokers’ Pole.

Depending on your type of workplace, you may also need anything from a nappy bin to a bottle skip, and composters to sanitary bins. Whatever you need when it comes to refuse receptacles, we have you covered.

Take a look through our online catalogue of office recycling bins and see which would work best to your requirements. The more visible, clear, easy to use and accessible your recycling bins, the more likely people are to use them.

Do you have a Green Champion in your workplace? We’d love to hear what they’re doing to make your business more environmentally friendly and reduce your carbon footprint. If they share details with us on Facebook or Twitter, we’ll make sure to share it in turn with our followers.

Happy recycling!

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