Hospitals are in a league of their own when it comes to sanitation and waste management: stringent rules and regulations, impeccably high standards of cleanliness, and environments constantly being sterilised by diligent members of staff. On top of that, you need plenty of bins; the type that won’t let you down when A&E is getting hectic or a gurney passes by within snagging distance.

Our range of hospital products conform to UK regulations and have also become popular throughout the world, including South Africa and the Bahamas. Whilst the choice of colour and capacity is up to you, all products are fitted with pedals, allowing hands-free access.

Our sack holders help you to reduce the risk of contamination. Meanwhile, there are other measures that you can adopt to reduce the consumption of materials and utilities. Below are some suggestions, but please check with your hospital’s regulations before implementing.


  • Reduce paper usage by printing on both sides, not printing nonessential emails, and using notepads effectively.
  • Make sure that all rubbish is separated. We suggest purchasing bins with separate compartments for recyclables and non-recyclables.
  • Recycle all used containers where possible, such as aspirin packaging and medicine bottles.
  • If there are any disposable medical instruments that can be replaced by reusable versions, you’ll notice a significance difference immediately.
  • Any newspapers or magazines left in the waiting room can be reused. Would the staff and patients like to have a read before recycling?
  • Take measures to reduce water usage by training staff and ensuring that all taps and toilets are fully functional.
  • Electricity usage is also easy to reduce – turn off lights when unneeded, open windows on hot days if possible, and turn off monitors when not in use.
  • Use washable plates and cutlery in the cafeteria, as disposable crockery leads to a large amount of wastage. Food scraps can also be collected for compost heaps.


If all members of staff and the general public are encouraged to follow these tips, you’ll have the greenest hospital around and perhaps even save on your budget. Now that’s good medicine!


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