Each day, our team helps households, businesses and organisations to make their waste management and recycling programmes as easy and effective as possible. We’re also committed to providing a huge range of products, a lowest price guarantee and bulk buy discounts, free shipping to all customers, and the option for schools, dentists, government sectors and large businesses to buy using purchase orders if they wish. On top of that, we have some really snazzy bins.

Our recent blog posts have focused on all types of topics, from recycling in the office to the perfect choices for hospitals. What we haven’t talked about for a while is external bins, which are just as essential as those beneath roofs. As with indoor models, external bins come in many different shapes, sizes, colours and prices. We won’t go through all of them as we currently have about fifty listed on the site; instead we’ll recommend types to suit particular requirements.

One of our bestsellers is the Metal Trash Can (product code: trashcan). Holding 90 litres and easy to move thanks to sturdy carry handles, at just £23.95 +VAT it’s also incredibly affordable. This product is very simple, yet it proves popular because of its classic American look. In recent years we’ve found that grill bars, diners and eateries that specialise in pulled pork find this bin an ideal addition to their décor.

Our Slimline Classic Recycling Bin (product code: SCR) is perfect for schools, as the highly visual design, bright colours and straightforward labels make recycling a natural part of life for children. Available in twelve colours and with the option to buy any of 22 stickers (including ‘cans’, ‘bottles’ and even ‘batteries’), we ship this range out almost every day of the year. They’re so popular that we also offer 5% and 10% discounts for bulk orders.

The Wood Look Outdoor Recycling Bin (code: ekowood39) comes with two 39-litre compartments, making the segregation of general waste and recyclable materials clear and accessible. At £339.95 +VAT it’s one of our higher range models, popular with solicitors, accountants, marketing companies and most offices due to its sleek powder-coated steel finish. Meanwhile, the galvanised inner steel liners are also weather-resistant and easy to remove, making this bin practical as well as attractive.

We also have a range of cigarette bins. Again, these range from simple wall-mounted options in a variety of colours, to the 189-litre landmark bin (product code: 3963) that can come with an ashtray on the top.

At imrubbish.co.uk, we realise that choosing the right bin probably isn’t your top priority for the day, which is why we do everything we can to take the umms and ahhs out of the process. If you need any more information or suggestions, please contact us on 01452 859840 or email sales@imrubbish.co.uk


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