Did you ever watch The Jetsons when you were a kid, or indeed an adult? It was such an awesome show and, according to this Time Magazine archive, was promoted in its day as “a new family… who live one century in the future.” That was in 1962, so there’s still another forty-seven years to go until this futuristic world becomes reality. But whilst we don’t have bubble-top aerocars, food in pill form or transportation tubes, something we do have is sensor technology integrated into the most everyday objects, such as our range of sophisticated smart bins. So while George Jetson’s automatic grooming kit and Jane’s mechanical pancake dispenser are fantastic, let’s revel in the fact that we have something even more efficient (seeing how most of their gadgets went haywire half the time anyway).

In the here and now, sensor bins are becoming more and more popular, chosen mainly for the kitchen but also for every other room in the household, not to mention the workplace. The whole concept is very simple yet effective: wave your hand over the top of the bin, and hey presto, it opens itself with a fast, fluidic motion. This comes in very useful when your hands are full or you’re carrying small objects that can slip through fingers, and it’s an especially good way to avoid spilling dinner plate scraps all over the place. With hands-free technology spreading to all areas of our lives, it makes perfect sense that it should be included as a part of your daily waste management, recycling and composting efforts.

We offer models with capacities starting at 30 litres all the way up to 60, each sporting a highly fashionable designer style that would impress any Jetson. Once you’ve finished using it, the bin automatically closes itself, sealing in odours and keeping your hands clean and germ-free. We recommend sensor bins for the kitchen and bathroom, and many of our customers also choose them for the living room, bedroom, home office, workplace, and even the garage for use during DIY and restoration projects. Wherever you put yours, we’re certain you’ll love it from day one and wonder how you ever lived without it.

As for the Jetson family, they’ll just have to make do with a robot maid.


Image source: NBC News

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