Pencil case? Check.

Clean uniform? Check.

Lunch money? Check.

Thirst for knowledge and boundless enthusiasm? Er… we’ll come back to that.

Mums and dads make sure that their kids are ready for school each day, but has the school made sure it can handle the mess? We don’t mean this in a bad way; kids should make a mess, it’s a sign that they’re being creative and productive. However, from pencil shavings and glitter to sandwich crusts and chewing gum, there’s an awful lot of rubbish generated in a single school day. That’s why we have a huge range of school bins, meeting all requirements and budgets.

An abundance of bins means a far greater chance that they’ll actually be used. This doesn’t just go for the pupils; it includes teachers, staff and visitors too. Face it, we’ve all come home from work with unneeded waste at some point, be it an empty bottle in your bag or even just a scrap of paper in your pocket, and this is usually due to there being nowhere to dispose of it. Teachers have to set a good example but it’s hard when there’s no bin in sight, which is why they should be placed strategically both inside and outside all buildings.

As well as keeping the school clean and tidy, a range of different bins can also mean that everything is recycled properly, helping your carbon footprint in the process. Encouraging children to recycle from an early age will set them on a green path for life, and this can be achieved through visual bins that brighten up the surroundings. A great example is the Funny Face School Bin. Though happy and smiley, this product is no-nonsense thanks to its hefty capacity and toughened plastic body, meaning that it can be used both indoors and outdoors. Choose from 41, 52 or 62 litres, and also decide whether you want one for paper, metal cans, plastic bottles, mixed recycling, general waste, food waste or even the whole set!

This is only one example of a wide variety of bins specially designed for schools, from flip-top models to stackable tubs, and hexagonal containers to small baskets for under teacher’s desk. Find out more by visiting the schools section, and remember that the more you order, the more you save. This is thanks to our multiple product discount, which goes hand in hand with a lowest price guarantee and free delivery to UK mainland.

Education is essential and so is looking after the environment, so let’s all work together to give children the best of both worlds.

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