The world of rubbish is brimming with fantastic news, having now searched the internet to get the latest scoop on all things rubbish! The goal here is to give the reader a delightful, informative and entertaining glimpse of the world of rubbish as seen through the eyes of the World Wide Web.

Men, Women and Rubbish

Let’s kick this party off with a proper dose of man bashing, shall we? The Guardian reported in December of 2012 that men are not so hot at putting out the trash. Well, I think that has only been the case for the past six thousand years. Even Fred Flintstone was bashed for making Wilma takes out the trash and do house chores. The report goes on to bemoan the fact that women are leading the way in recycling. I don’t know about you lot, but I sometimes do NOT have time to fiddle around sorting the trash into bins. Sigh.

Besides, look at all the nice designer bins that are available today. Are they designed for men? No. They are sassy, elegant, sleek and gorgeous, just like my wife. Perhaps if you say those things about her, she will do the recycling without so much as a peep. But of course, I jest. I help the wife out with the recycling. I do.

I have taken on the responsibility of taking out the food from the containers and eating it. That is fifty percent of the work right there. You have food and you have packaging. Two components; each worth 50 percentage points. I handle the food part and leave the packaging to my wife. She sorts the paper from the cardboard and the other rubbish while she is watching reruns of American reality TV programs. I think she is in there right now watching Honey Boo Boo.

One her TV show is done, she hauls the rubbish out to the appropriate spot. In all the years we have been occupying this residence, the rubbish collectors have never offered one peep about the way she sets out the rubbish. Not one!

Her birthday is coming up next month and I ordered her a brand new set of lovely colour-coded 110 Ltr Outdoor Bins. You have to understand, no other woman on the block has them. When she sees these babies, she is going to flip her colour-coded lid!

Give ‘Em an Inch and They Leave Your Rubbish

Aye, from Scotland comes news that may not be so…uplifting. The Scottish Express reports that rubbish collector binmen has refused to uplift rubbish if the bin lid is left open even by an inch!  That has left rubbish decaying in the bin for a fortnight before the next collection.

Apparently the Edinburgh council was trying to put a lid on the problem of residents over-filling their bins to the degree that the lids would not close.

Nearly 2,500 bins were rejected by rubbish workers who had been given discretionary power to uplift the bins or leave them ripening in the sun. Residents deemed by workers to be repeat offenders were slapped with a £50 fine.

In addition to running out of space for this week’s garbage, residents claim that birds, rats and other mammals are drawn to the un-emptied bins.

Residents complained of the new policy telling council bosses that, “Something smells mighty fishy about this ruling, and it’s our streets!”

I, for one, stand with the people of Edinburgh. I say to those council bosses, for the love of all that is fragrant, man – do something!

Your Playing Is Fine, It’s Your Instrument That Stinks

This just in from the BBC Latin Desk: Paraguayan slum children are touring South American performing music on instruments that have been made exclusively from recyclate.

Actually, the kids have been astounding the audiences wherever they perform. If you have ever created a musical instrument, you know how difficult it can be using conventional materials. That they were able to reuse these recyclable materials and create an instrument that will hold its tuning is pretty impressive.

Yes, rubbish is alive and well all over the world. Everyday news stories pop up featuring the sometimes weird world of rubbish. Recycling is a process known by men and women around the world (but practiced more by women, apparently) who want to do their unmitigated part to clean up the environment and save the world for our children and for our grandchildren. You can also do your fair share, just like my wife (I’m just kidding, I think I do my fair share). Remember, recycle, reuse, reprocess when you can.

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