The Kid and his Money

One happy young tot is all the more glowing today after his 83-piece Trashie plastic toy set was auctioned on eBay. Incredibly, the winning bid was placed in the final seconds, just before the auction was set to expire. The youngster waited day after day with bids slowly rising, at the last moment the winning bidder offered £1,296.

Now well-financed and grinning from ear to ear, the toy’s owner has even made the BBC news.

Lewis Eeles, who may be eyeing a career at Christie’s, is only ten years old. He wanted to auction the toy set that features a tiny dustbin figurine, whose name is Grimy Gold. Grimy certainly was gold for young Eeles who never expected his Trash Pack set would reel in so much cash.

He said from his home in Alconbury, Cambridgeshire that he was shocked but very happy. That must surely be an understatement. Lewis further stated that he will be using a portion of the proceeds to snag some tickets to local wrestling matches. With the WWE wrestling star and Hall of Famer Million Dollar Man coming to Southside in April, 2013, it sounds like the newly wealthy Mr. Eeles may want to partner up!

The Toys and their Magic

Moose Toys is the maker of the Trash Pack toy set. In the UK, they are distributed by Tesco. The Tesco website states that there are over 170 toy sets to collect. There are also ultra rare Trashies that will likely bring in equally large sums down the road.

Various blister packs offer varied figurines that come in an assortment of colours and styles. Amazingly, under the toys tab, The Trash Pack line is not listed amongst best sellers. This may have worked in the favour of young Mr. Eeles, since it would account for why anyone would be willing to pay nearly £1,300 for a set of tiny pieces of plastic shaped like trash bins.

To be sure, each Trash Bin has hidden inside an adorable little trash bin troll known as a Trashie. But wait, these are not just Trashies. Rather, these are certified Trashies. The little figure inside the trash bin is certified as either common, rare, ultra rare or limited edition. In fact, of the some 200 Trashie toys owned by Lewis Eeles, the 83-piece set he auctioned was a limited edition set.

Grimy and Friends

That set contained the Trashie heretofore referred to, with all due respect assured, Grimy Gold. Grimy was on the collector’s craze list and was more sought-after, it turns out, than perhaps Osama. Well, after all Trashies do have the reputation of being the Gross Gang in your Garbage.

The toys are designed for boys of at least 5 years old. Kids do love these toys and are quite excited to browse through the blister packs in retail stores. In addition to the toy figurines, Moose Toys also has published a series of popular Trash Pack trading cards. Similar to the Pokémon collection craze, kids love the colourful little Trashies, because each one has his own name and personality. Of course, kids now love them because they want to score a £1,300 hit like Lewis Eeles and splurge their cash on professional wrestling, or as they say in the States, professional rasslin’!

Moose Toys also makes a Trash Pack Garbage Collection Truck that doubles as a storage bin for all the gross and icky Trashie characters. Each truck is sold with 2 collectible Trash Pack characters included. Each truck holds up to 10 adorably smelly Trashies.

The Social Value?

Yes, as dubious as it may sound, collecting trash bin toys may have redeeming social values above and beyond making little children instantly wealthy and promoting attendance at professional wrestling matches. One self-proclaimed psychologist, who works nights as a car park attendant and doesn’t wish to be named, believes that getting kids familiar with trash bins and garbage trucks will heighten their appreciation for the trade and respect for bin men and bin women worldwide.

It will give them insights into possible alternative career paths in the event that they are shamed out of law school and cannot find a job even at McDonald’s. So, it is well with the world that children as young as five years are collecting and trading, swapping and auctioning the gross gang Trashies!

While the whole story sounds like rubbish, it is far from it. The Trash Pack toys are sold on websites such as,, and others. has several videos that have been posted that feature unboxing of Trash Pack items, how to shop for Trash Pack toys, etc.

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