As offices are busy places, where people can spend a large proportion of their working lives, they are also busy places for rubbish and waste. Office bins have to cope with a wide variety of waste and choosing office bins can be a challenge, especially with more emphasis on recycling. So knowing what bin to buy and for where can be quite difficult.

In sourcing office bins, you need to establish the types of rubbish and locations of the bins. In most modern offices the majority of waste that is disposed of is paper so a good paper recycling bin is essential.

These come in a variety of shapes and sizes and if you re worried about security, lockable paper recycling bins are available that can store paper data securely until it is time to be shredded. You can either choose to provide under the desk waste paper baskets for individuals, or have a larger paper recycling bin for the whole office – it depends on the numbers that work there and the distance involved in disposing of the litter.

Other items that can be recycled are common around offices too. Paper and polystyrene cups often litter many offices. These small vending cups can often be recycled and cup collectors and bins are a good idea anywhere where you have these sorts of vending machines. The same can be said for aluminium drinks cans which can also be recycled. Can banks are another must if you have a soft drinks machine.

Often office workers eat at their desks so somewhere for food packaging and non recyclables should be considered. A good-sized general waste bin is normally sufficient.

Outdoor areas need some sort of litter bin too, especially if office workers are smoking outside. Wall-mounted ashtrays are a good idea, this prevents the littering of cigarette ends around office entrances and are easily mounted onto most wall surfaces.

Wall mounted ashtrays are now essential outside

Wall mounted ashtrays are now essential outside

A good exterior bin is also a good idea, not just for people to dispose of items when they are on their way in or out, but having a large exterior bin where indoor bins can be emptied into will ensure the indoor bins can be regularly emptied.

When sourcing office bins the internet is perhaps the best resource/ There are a wide range of office bins available on the internet so check and compare prices and remember delivery times and costs too to ensure you don’t go over budget.

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