The outside of any business is important. Image and the way a company presents itself are key factor’s to any business reputation and there is no more a direct face of any company than the front of the premises.

And while many businesses hire office cleaners and ensure the interior work space is kept well ordered, few, give much consideration to the outside. Litter, cigarette butts, bad smells and over-flowing bins can do more damage to a company’s reputation than a bad financial move or investment; however, keeping the front of any business clean is not difficult, it is all about having the right bins.

Keeping the front of businesses clean has become more complicated in recent times due to smoking restrictions; many premises now face a crowd of people huddled in the front of their office or factory – with the resultant cigarette butts on the floor an inevitability.

One of the first things that should be done to ensure a premises’ frontage is kept clean is to ensure that smoking bins and wall mounted ashtrays are provided. These need to be provided in the rght location though and while it might be tempting to place them far from the building to avoid crowds of smokers in the entrance, people may not use, especially when its raining.


Wall Mounted Cigarette Bin

Providing a smoking shelter is a better method of moving people away from the front doors, although these require the space to install.

Ensuring there are enough litter bins outside a premises is also important, especially for high street shops and eateries. By providing a bin outside your premises, even if your customers do not produce rubbish, will prevent others from disposing of litter on the floor outside your front door.

If smells or mess becomes a problem than a lidded exterior bin will be needed. These are often used by food businesses that dispose of food waste. The lid prevents smells and keeps vermin from intruding into the bin.

A wall mounted bin is a consideration if vandalism is a problem. Often bins around schools and pubs tend to be wall mounted bins as revellers and teenagers can often cause deliberate spillage.

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