“Hey, mate. Got a light?”

We’ve just looked up the latest smoking statistics, and would you believe that there are 10 million adult smokers in the UK? That’s a sixth of the population huffing and puffing away, and most likely coughing and spluttering a bit too. However, we’re not here to preach about your personal health and habits (we’ll leave that to the NHS and various other organisations); instead, we’re focusing on an often overlooked result of smoking: inadvertent littering.

When people have finished a cigarette, they tend to flick away the tab or, if they’re safety conscious, drop it on the ground and grind out the embers using their ash-stained shoe. This counts as littering just as much as dropping a cola can into a bush or leaving a sandwich wrapper on a garden wall, and yet the majority of smokers won’t see it this way. Though many of us are accustomed to carrying our rubbish around with us until we find a bin, even the most environmentally conscious smoker will still, at least occasionally, drop a cigarette on the ground. But laws against this are becoming stricter all the time, to the extent that a woman in Bedford has recently been taken to court, fined £70, ordered to pay additional costs of £100, and even fork out for a victim surcharge of £20! Chances are she had to take the day off work to do this, and even if that’s not the case it’s still very embarrassing, especially when the local paper writes an article about your misdemeanour.

The solution to the problem is simple: Don’t drop cigarette butts on the ground. Yes, it’s far more unpleasant to carry a stinking stub to the nearest bin than it is a Mars Bar wrapper, but just think of the potential ramifications that discarding it on public land will present.

Another solution is for employers and even households to install designated disposal stations. We stock a variety of cigarette bins, from the wall mounted to the grounded and the pole-shaped to the self-extinguishing. These bins not only help prevent littering and subsequent court appearances, they also keep your premises clean and tidy. And, as with all of our products, they don’t look half bad either.


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