Rubbish bins might not be the first designs that jump to mind when people think about amazing design, but many inventors and innovators have put their own personal stamp on the simple utilitarian design of the rubbish bin. From bins designed like the robots to futuristic London bins with LCD screen displays and the ability to absorb a bomb’s explosion, rubbish bins have seen as many fashionable and practical redesigns as any other utility.

Armstrong bins are capable of being compressed down like a crushed soda bin, compressing rubbish and reducing space, while playful twists on the design of the rubbish bin boast iterations after the shape of an upside down top hat. Smart hybrid rubbish bins adjust their lid openings to the size of the rubbish, expanding for large bags and contracting for small cans. There are in fact many rubbish bins made for the sake of novelty and practicality, and the following counts down the five most imaginative and innovative bin designs ever built.

5. Barcode Recycle Station

The rules behind recycling bins can be difficult to memorize, with varied colours, codes and labels indicating specific bins for specific recyclable materials, but the Barcode Recycling Station is a high tech solution to recycling confusion. The station is comprised of four sleek recycling bins standing side by side in a compact row.

Each bin has an automated lid that opens for business whenever rubbish is presented. Each bin also has unique barcode readers that are able to scan the recyclable item and then open the proper bin itself. Simply swipe the item and then dump the item into the opened bin. The Barcode Recycle Station is one of the first truly automated recycling stations developed and debuted into the market.

 4. The Trash Bin Fabriano

The Fabriano is as pleasantly low tech as the Barcode Recycle Station is high tech. Built entirely from recycled paper, the Fabriano resembles a large muffin cup with fifty disposable bags nested against one another in a small cusp of fifty pleated paper containers. Simply fill up the Fabriano bin until it’s full, and then extract the layer of rubbish, throw it away, and begin filling up the 49th pleated container. This redesign is an innovative use of space and dimension, crafting an eye pleasing and environmentally friendly rubbish bin for eco-conscious customers. The bin was recently unveiled at a recycled paper exhibition held in Milan.

Image by Ovetto Bin

The Ovetto Bin is one of the odder looking bins, but in this case looks are deceiving. It resembles a large standing egg and boasts three separate bin receptacles on three revolving sides of the egg. With colourful variations and a sleekly designed interface, the Ovetto is one of the more pleasingly avant-garde rubbish bins. Made from recycled polypropylene material, the Ovetto Bin offers three distinct, colour coded recycling bins in a compact multi-coloured revolving egg shape to help eliminate the clutter of three separate bins.


2. Expanding Office Bin

The Expanding Office Bin is the first rubbish bin that appears full and bloated when it’s packed with trash. Taking inspiration from the human body, the Expanding Office Bin is able to expand its midsection in order to accommodate more rubbish. Unlike several of the other bins on this list, the Expanding Office Bin is a compromise between low tech solutions and high tech innovations, and comes courtesy of the Scandinavian company Front.

1. Minus Trash Can

The Minus Trash Can is a rubbish bin designed to take in all manners of organic trash and freeze it in order to eliminate the smells and unsanitary nature of most organic rubbish. Interior antibacterial UV light helps to get rid of unwanted bacteria on the organic rubbish, while a soothing and stylish blue light on the top of the bin indicates the freezing component alongside a front facing numerical display to set and monitor temperature.

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