As any keen gardener will know, spending any sort of time at all working on your garden is liable to result in a huge amount of waste produce. From grass cuttings to brambles, branches and bizarre items you never thought you’d find in the middle of your flowerbed, there’s a huge array of stuff leftover at the end of any gardening project. It can be tempting just to dump these in a pile, leave them and hope they’ll sort themselves out or, alternatively, just shove them in with your ordinary household waste for the refuse collectors to deal with.

Don’t be tempted! Instead, get yourself a good garden waste bin or two. These are ideal for storing any and all garden waste until you’re ready to dispose of it or otherwise use it for something else, such as compost.

A brilliant solution for all your garden waste needs is the basic but functional Outdoor Container and Lid. This is great as it comes in six different colours, meaning you can either just choose the one you like the best or buy a whole range for storing different garden products. For example, you could have one for grass cuttings, one for compost and others to store your household recycling. They’re a good size – 95 litres – so they have loads of room for whatever waste you need to store.

Another fabulous garden waste solution is to get yourself a 240 litre Wheelie Bin, which cannot possibly fail to be big enough to store your cast-offs. It’s available in five colours – green, grey, red, blue and yellow so, again, you can choose your favourite colour to brighten up your garden. The 240 litre size is also standard for most UK council refuse collections so it’s great if you need a new bin for household waste as well as garden waste. You should double check with your council though to make sure it’s the right size as they do vary between local authorities.

Alternatively, why not go for a 110 litre Deluxe Wheelie Bin, which is sleek, smart and ideal for all your waste needs. It has an integral handle built into it, meaning it’s really easy to move around, especially if you’re traipsing across your garden to collect all your waste. You can also choose from a flat or domed lid depending on your preference, so this bin is as attractive as it is practical.

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