A local man in the Chicago suburb of Evanston contacted police to report suspicious activity involving a recycling bin, police find a fortune in marijuana contained within.

Police were called out to the Evanston area of Chicago to investigate some suspicious activity involving a recycling bin. A local homeowner noticed that his bin was not in the correct position that it usually is, and he alerted the authorities. As the police arrived to the area, they inspected the recycling bin and upon closer investigation, found several stacks of marijuana inside. In total, police believe that there was one hundred pounds (by weight) of marijuana contained inside the bin.

Drug Deal Gone Wrong

Commander for the Evanston Police Department, Jay Parrott, told reporters that they were working under the assumption that this was the case of a major drug deal that didn’t quite work out. The dumped marijuana would indicate somebody attempting to avoid prison time, with the commander praising the seizure and highlighting the significant impact this has made to the local drug trade. Commander Parrott also went on to say that this may have been the result of an exchange that was intercepted before the drugs could reach point B. One clue that would indicate this being the case is that the drugs were placed in the bin during a weekend, when rubbish removal typically does not occur.


The Evanston Police Department are hoping that the owner of the marijuana will come forward in an attempt to claim the multiple stacks of marijuana, but officials are extremely sceptical that this will happen. For the time being, they are continuing to conduct local interviews and ensure that all leads are followed in the hope of tracing the involved persons. The bin itself will be sent to the lab and inspected for DNA evidence including fingerprints. As for the marijuana itself, it will be destroyed after the investigation has reached a point whereby it is safe to destroy the evidence, according to police.

Image attribution: http://www.flickr.com/photos/portland_mike/Wheelie Bins & Crime

Bins have a long history of being used as a disposal for criminal substances, evidence, or in some cases – life itself. The famous case of a woman dumping a live cat into a bin made headlines around the world. The woman from Coventry, England forced the cat into the contained bin in 2010 and although her motives were never discovered, the story attracted a lot of attention.

A report published by an organization that observes child safety in Ireland made a case public that details how a baby had been left inside a bin. The mother dumped the new born child into the bin with a note that indicated the child was better off now. The child was rescued and is now doing well in an adopted home.

However, not too many cases are reported of large scale drug operations being conducted via bins. Commander Parrott for the Evanston Police displayed his disbelief at the operation, indicating that he could not understand why somebody would consider this a viable option, given how often bins are used, at any time of the week. The case will continue to be investigated in the hope of finding a local drug trafficker in the Chicago area.

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