It’s one of those strange quirks of life that, no matter how tiny babies might be, they come with a genuinely huge amount of stuff. From cots to clothes and milk bottles to toys, there’s a veritable array of products you need to buy for a new baby. One item that often – wrongly – gets overlooked is the nappy bin.

Nappy bins can be vital for new parents rushed off their feet in need of a quick solution to disposing of those dirty nappies without taking their eye off their precious bundle of joy. They’re ideal for both the home and public places as they’re convenient, hygienic and do exactly what they’re supposed to: store dirty nappies and contain any bad smells until such a time that they can be properly disposed of.

One great option is the 50 litre Modern Nappy Bin. This bin comes with a chute so you can dispose of dirty nappies without having to look at the contents of the bin, making it ideal for throwing away nappies cleanly and quickly. It’s also really easy to clean. It has smooth, wipe-down surfaces and is extremely durable so you don’t need to worry about it becoming less hygienic over time – as long as you give it a regular clean, it will stay in tip top shape. It even has a curvy, modern design which means that it’s not only practical but looks good too.

A brilliant nappy bin solution for the home is the plastic 50 litre nappy bin that is operated by a pedal mechanism for maximum ease of use and hygiene, meaning you can use the bin even if you’ve got a baby in one arm. It also comes fitted with a ‘modesty chute’, enabling you to dispose of one nappy without having to relive the experience of the rest. Made entirely from plastic, this bin is easy to clean with hot soapy water and disinfectant. This is a perfect bin for domestic use.

If you’re looking to put a nappy bin in a public space such as an office, crèche or shopping centre, then you may want to go for the larger 65 litre option. This ensures there will be less emptying involved and it still has the same great features as the other nappy bin options.

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