Choosing a school bin you would think would not be one of the harder decisions your school has to make and it need not be, but it is surprising how many schools call us in a muddle. There are various factors to consider when choosing the right school bin and we are going to help you below.

What colour do i need for recycling my waste?

This is one of the most asked questions our sales team receive and to be honest there is no right or wrong answer. If you are having an external contractor collect your waste and recyclables then you should ask them whether they will collect mixed recyclables (paper, plastic, tins, cardboard) or whether you will have to separate your recycling into individual recyclables. This will determine whether you will need a colour coordinated recycling system or whether you would just have 2 colours – one for mixed recyclables and one for non recyclables.

School bins

Generally speaking the most used colours for recycling are:

  • Blue – Paper
  • Grey/Black – Tin/Cans
  • Red – Plastics
  • Yellow – Textiles
  • Green – Glass
  • Lime Green – Kitchen Food Waste

However the above are not set in stone and if you have an existing recycling colour scheme, or your local council or waste collector would prefer you to use a different colour chart then go with that.

What size school bins should i order?

The size of the school bin depends on a number of factors such as the number of pupils, size of the school, how frequently they will be emptied etc.
As a general rule of thumb we would recommend having 3 50 litre recycling bins per class room, and either another 50 litre recycling bin with a non recyclable waste/general waste sticker or a larger bin depending on amount of use.
Out of the classroom you would want to have a set of at least 3 50 litre bins, or larger recycling bins depending on footfall, along corridors.

Outdoor litter bins are generally much larger than indoor and should be spread throughout the outdoor space to avoid pupils dropping litter. We do outdoor bins ranging in size from 60 litres right through to 190 litres. Generally somewhere between 90 and 150 litres will be fine and approximately 15-25 would be the average for a secondary school. Again this is influenced by footfall, size of bins and frequency of emptying.

You want to make recycling as accessible and easy for pupils as possible so it is better to have one or two too many than it is to be short. If you would like help deciding the most suitable school bin then please contact one of our sales team.

Should i order bins with lids

If the area is going to see any kind of wet weather it is best to order bins with lids. We would go further and say bins with hoods will be better. The hoods allow litter to be passed through openings either side of the bin without having to touch the bin itself, this helps prevent germs spreading and encourages the pupils to use them more.

If the bins are to be used internally then the decision is with the school. Hooded bins prevent the waste from being as on display, but open top may encourage use slightly more.

Are your bins durable enough to be used in schools

All our bins come with at least a one year guarantee, our outdoor bins are constructed from high density polyethylene (hard wearing thick plastic) and come with either a galvanised liner (you do not have to use bin bags) or a grab bag system where bags must be used.


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