You may have noticed that we are not always very good at dealing with snow or icy weather. For all our national spirit of keeping calm and carrying on, a little hint of winter and it seems that the country grinds to an abrupt halt. This is why grit is so important in icy weather: it makes the roads and pavements useable and keeps things moving when otherwise they would just stop.

One thing you can do to help if you run an office, school or other public building, is to invest in a grit bin and keep it stocked up so that when the bad weather comes, you’re prepared. It’s not such an issue in coastal areas, as the salty sea air often goes a long way to preventing the ice becoming a problem, but inland and particularly in towns or cities, everyone should be prepared.

There are some great grit bins available that will make salt or grit storage really easy and accessible for when you need it. Yellow is the most common colour for these bins as it stands out and so, even on the off-chance it gets buried under a snow drift, it’ll be easily found. You can also get a grit bin in beige if you want it to blend in a little more.

The typical grit bin holds two hundred litres of grit, meaning that you can pack in a fair amount. It features a sturdy design, which is great as it means you can be sure it will stand up to extreme weather conditions. The fact it is made out of plastic is also great as this ensures you can easily brush off any snow that collects on it and access the stored grit with ease.

Grit bins all have secure lids that keep out any bad weather, which will stop the grit from getting wet and ruined while it’s being stored. The lids also open wide and generally stay open until you specifically close them, which is great for access – you don’t have to worry about the lid thumping shut on you as you try to access the grit. It also means you can get a large shovel inside to speed up the removal or restocking process – a handy feature when you need to access the contents in a hurry.

So, it may not be possible to predict the weather (or the response of the rest of the country), but you can be sure that as long as you have a fully-stocked grit bin handy, you’ll be prepared no matter what happens.

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