Whether you’re a keen gardener, or just concerned about doing your bit to keep the planet healthy, it can be a good idea to invest in a couple of decent compost bins. This is not only a great way to recycling lots of your household waste, but the resulting compost is also brilliant for fertilising your garden.

There are a wide range of compost bins available, and which one you go for will probably depend on what type of compost you’re after.

One option is the moulded continuous composter. This is basically a large plastic container or bin where you can store your garden waste. Make sure the bin is full to the top as it works best when it is packed with stuff. Go for a cone bin with a narrow upper section and tight lid to recycle moisture internally and break the contents down into compost quickly.

Another compost bin option is the tumbler composter. These bins rotate to turn the whole heap of compost, aerating it and helping it decompose more quickly. They are especially good for large batches of kitchen waste or green foliage, although they’re not quite so good for tough, woody fibres so think carefully about what you put in this one.

Compost bins can be made from plastic or wood and both have their advantages.

Plastic is a great material for a compost bin as you can increasingly get hold of ones made out of recycled plastic, adding extra kudos to your green credentials. Recycled plastic is easy to mould, which has led to improved bin designs, like the tumbler composter as mentioned above. Plastic bins are also generally available as a large, single sheet of moulded plastic, which makes them ideal for transporting to new locations. They are maintenance free and come with fitted lids to keep out excess moisture.

Wooden bins, by contrast, generally come in a flat pack so you have to put them together yourself. It’s a good idea to position these against a wall so they have a bit of support. The conditions in wooden bins tend to be quite good, although make sure you treat the timber with a preservative to stop it rotting. It’s also a good idea to line the inside of the wooden bin with durable plastic to prevent the decomposition of the beams.

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