If you have a considerable amount of success as a business, then you may find yourselves moving to your very own premises where you can put your own stamp on the place, putting up your logo everywhere and generally having a great time. But what about your bins? Wouldn’t it be great if you could put a similar stamp of ownership on the bins you’re inevitably going to have to buy?

Well, now you can. There’s a fantastic range of bins available for personalisation, and they’re great for companies looking to transfer their logo onto them as well as for people wanting to include special notices with how the bin is meant to be used (such as if the bin is meant for paper or plastic only).

One brilliant option, particularly for schools looking to educate their kids about recycling, is the great selection of Slimline Classic 52litre Bins, which come in a whole range of colours with loads of personalisation options. These are good as you can get a different colour for each recyclable item and then get a personalised transfer printed onto each one with details of what it’s for.

Alternatively, a brilliant option for any large office building or shopping centre is the large 70litre Colonial Office Bin. Here, you can choose from a brilliant range of 20 colours, including red, maroon, black, light or dark blue, emerald and burgundy. You can also choose your own artwork to be added to the bin, making it great for company logos as well as the traditional recycling options. This bin is also really easy to clean with its polyethylene body shell, galvanised steel liner and stainless steel flip top lid, making it fantastically hygienic. For those of you concerned about the environment, it’s also got top credentials, as it is made from recyclable plastic.

A great outdoor personalised bin option is the Micro or Midi Litter Bin, depending on just how big you want your bin to be. These are suitable for all environments as you can choose from four different materials. You also have the choice of 19 colours so you can decide whether you want the bin to stand out or to sit discreetly in a corner. Plus you can choose from a range of lids including open or flip top, depending on where the bin will be situated and your personal preference.

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