School is the place where children learn a lot of the things they need to know to be able to function in the real world, so it’s a great opportunity to be able to teach them the importance of good hygiene and the benefits of recycling while they’re there. A great way to reduce the carbon footprint of your school while educating the children on how to make the best use of resources is to actively engage them in the recycling process, which you can do very easily.

There is a great range of bins available for schools and these can be used to show the children how simple it is to make a positive difference to the planet. One brilliant option is the hooded outdoor waste container. These come in a variety of bright colours so they stand out and are covered over so there’s no chance of rain (or mischievous children) getting in. They also come printed with an image of someone throwing away rubbish, so it’s extra clear what they’re meant for.

You can also benefit from a fantastic variety of recycling bins for schools, which feature an attractive design as well as different colours for the lids so you can assign different bins to different recyclable materials. Simply by making it obvious which bin is for which items, you can effectively encourage children to make use of the facilities and the bright colours are attractive, helping to further liven up the process. These bins are also really easy to clean, which is always a benefit no matter what they’re there to be used for. They are also printed with their intended purpose, for example, whether they are meant for glass, paper, textiles, tins and cans, textiles or other waste.

Another great example of a school bin is one that makes a feature of the domed lid by incorporating a moulded plastic face. This design is attractive, especially for younger children who need added appeal to be encouraged to properly dispose of waste. They are available in bright colours, including red, blue, yellow and green and are made from toughened plastic, which means they’re suitable for both indoor and outdoor use as well as being able to withstand any knocks they may take serving as a school bin.

These are just a few great ways you can teach kids about the importance of recycling and disposing of waste correctly, while working to make sure your school stays a clean and tidy place.

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