Rubbish bins aren’t necessarily the most glamorous of your household items, but they do a very important job. Their main purpose is, of course, to hold waste safely and securely until you’re ready to get rid of it. The way they look, therefore, is not always particularly high up the list of reasons you buy a bin, but it is possible to get some great stylish options to brighten up the process of waste disposal a little bit while still functioning exactly as they’re supposed to.

Bins for kids

You know how it is with kids – to get them to do things, you have to make it exciting, interesting and generally appealing. Like getting them to eat their vegetables without moaning, teaching them to use bins properly is not the most exciting task, but you can liven it up with some of the great bins for kids.

These range from big bins that are great for schools – bins in bright colours and with smiley faces on them to make them attractive and more interesting – to bins that are great for home use. These include bins in a whole range of colours as well as those that come with interestingly shaped lids designed to grab attention.

Stylish household bins

You can also indulge your inner interior designer with some fantastically stylish bins for your bedroom and other rooms around the house. These range from smart pedal bins with different coloured lids to bins operated by a sensor, which are both attractive and great for hygiene purposes, making them the ideal bathroom bin.

There are also loads of different stainless steel bins that are sleek, look nice and come in a range of sizes so you can pick a bin to fit the space you have. There are some great designer bins available that would be great in your office or kitchen as well as your bedroom. These are pedal operated and come in a range of colours, including powder blue, red, blue, black cream and silver grey. These are brilliant if you want to match up a colour scheme so everything goes together. The fact they’re pedal operated means they’re also great if you need access to the bin when you’re carrying lots of stuff.

Of course, these are just a few of the great bin options available but hopefully it’s clear from this brief examination that while the main purpose of bins is to be practical, that doesn’t mean that they have to be boring.

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