Few objects in life are available in as many shapes, sizes, colours and applications as the common rubbish bin. There are posh designer bins that will make any area look like that of a Beverly Hills home. Retro bins that throw one back into the easy bygone era when taking out the rubbish was the worst part of one’s day. There are environment-friendly bins that help us recycle our refuse by sorting it into glass, wood and cardboard.

There is a bin for the bathroom, the kitchen, the hallway, the living room, the dining room, the game room, the kid’s room and even the garage! Today, a man is measured by the number of bins he owns and how strategically he has managed to place them. The well-to-do often try to outdo one another by putting bins in places that others have only dreamed of having a handy rubbish bin. Some folks hide them away like gems in a hidden cave, placing them under cabinets, under tables, on top of shelves and even, dare I say, in the laundry room!

Our world is packed to the teeth with different types of bins. There are push bins, pedal bins, sensor bins, free standing bins and wall mounted bins. Some designs are just for collecting cigarette butts. Some are designed solely to collect used drinking cups. No matter what the nature of the rubbish problem you are facing today, there is most likely a bin for it.

Low Cost Bins

Low budget, no budget? No problem! Bins are not as expensive as you might think. Lots of people think because bins are so versatile and flexible that they are outlandishly priced as well. This is simply not the case. You too can have the bin or bins of your dreams for a very affordable price. The good thing is people will not know you paid a reasonable price because like you, they believe bins are beyond the reach of the average budget. Let them think that as you show off your bins. They will be star-struck by your awesomeness as you explain the various uses of the kitchen and bathroom bin and then take them behind the scenes for a look at just how easy it is to pop a wad of crumpled up paper into your favourite Brabantia Paper Bin.

The Networking Power of the Wheelie Bin

Extra wheelie bins at your home (legally!) are a sure sign of your affluence and success in life. For a start, almost everyone has a council wheelie bin at their home. But when you are a big time producer of rubbish, it is evidence that you use the discretionary income to splurge and purchase an abundance of items that must be unpacked and that packaging must then be discarded. Imagine the look of raw envy that will spread across the faces of your neighbours like so much almond butter when they see you roll up your own wheelie bin next to your council bin. You’ll be the talk of the block as they try to figure out who you know downtown. When you finally break the news to them that you purchased the extra wheelie bin they will be in awe of your vast resources and concern for the environment. More “best friends for life” have been made over a wheelie bin than any table in any public house in all of Europe!

If you are feeling quite in the mood to make loads of rubbish, you might want to consider a large four-wheel wheelie bin. There are two different sizes available; the 660 litre model and the 1100 litre model. Not only do these bins offer a luxurious amount of space for your toss-away items, but you can hide inside and give a right proper fright to any nosey neighbour or namby-pamby passer-by. 

Brighten Up Your Refuse Duties

Most bins on the market today are available in a smashing assortment of colours. This includes the wheelie bin which you can match to the exterior of your home or with the colour of your car. The colours used in the manufacture of these quality bins are safe for routine contact, cause no side-effects and are pleasing to the eye, naked or otherwise!

You may not know it, but there are bins for practically every commercial or government building application. You have your office bins, school bins, hospital bins, garden bins, motorway bins, pavement bins, car park bins, city bins, country bins, airport bins, shipyard bins, bus station bins, petrol station bins and the list goes on and on. Bins are second only to light bulbs in the number of types that exist in the world of commercial, government and residential structures.

Outfox a Fox with a Garden Bin

Garden bins are handy when it comes to the sly fox that tends to sneak round as you lie sleeping and upset your wheelie bin. They don’t do it for fun, you know, they are looking for food. A good garden bin will have lock-down lids that will not come off even when knocked about by ole sly foxy and friends. This will also help keep your business in your bin and not scattered all about the neighbours’ lawns. Your privacy will be protected and you will be spared any unnecessary embarrassment. Like all of the bins discussed here, they are available in black, grey and an assortment of basic and pastel colours that will make your garden the envy of all gnomes, flamingos, neighbours and onlookers. Ole foxy will be none too pleased, but, one cannot hope to please every person and creature on the Earth, can one?

Hospital bins typically flame retardant and quite handy because they allow…hands-free access. Yes, quite handy indeed when it comes to preventing the spread of bacteria, virus and infectious diseases which run amuck in today’s busy hospital environment.

School bins are quite amusing. Many have smiling faces on them and there are colour-coded recycling bins that will make even the dullest child seem like Einstein the Recycler. Rounded edges and soft plastic and rubber make for a safe bin for kids of all ages.

Why not shop for a bin today? You will never be happier then when you walk into the bin showroom and see that adorable bin sitting there saying: “Take me home, won’t you?”

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