A bins a bin right, they are expected to smell a little bit. To a certain extent this is true, by pure definition your rubbish bin is a receptacle that holds your waste until the council come and collect it. To alleviate the smell completely will require more than one of the following 5 changes.

1) Change your bin bag more frequently – Sounds obvious but by trying to cram as much rubbish into one bin bag as possible you are creating more problems.

  • The rubbish is higher so naturally when you lift the lid on your bin the smell is that much quicker to escape.
  • By squashing your rubbish as tightly as possible it leaves less room to breath and pushes the smell upwards
  • The tighter your rubbish is packed, the heavier the bin bag is and the more likely the bin bag will split. Then you not only have a smelly bin bag, but a smelly bin, kitchen floor and wheelie bin.

2) Invest in better quality bin bags – In the bin bag world there is rarely a bargain. If you buy the really cheap value ranges from the supermarket or car boots expect your bin bag to split very frequently and therefore your bin to be more smelly.

3) Clean your bin on the inside as well as out – Many households will clean the outside of the bin, but how many regularly undertake cleaning the inside? The inside of a bin is where the nasties can be regularly found, whether it be that piece of banana rotting in the bottom, or mould under the lid. If the bin bag is filled to full then the lid will come into regular contact with all kinds of rubbish. To clean the your bin it is best to use some kind of gentle disinfectant like flash all in one. Or if you are after something more natural then our bin deodoriser might be just the thing you have been looking for. It is been specifically manufactured to combat those nasty odours whilst not harming your bin.

4) Replace your old bin – For many households they may have had the same bin for 10-15 years now while this is commendable and a sign of a hard wearing bin, it is not helping to keep the smell down. The longer you have had the bin, the higher the possibility that somewhere in your bin is leftover nasties which probably do not smell all that nice. Also the older the bin the less likely the protective coating is in one piece, as soon as this seal breaks it becomes far harder to clean the bin effectively.

5) Use your food waste bin – Many households still do not fully utilise or even use there food waste bin at all. Now while the reasons are certainly understandable, the sweaty biodegradable bin bags and pong from degrading food is not nice, at least the size means you can keep it away from yourselves and guests. Your main household bin is typically right in the middle of the kitchen and any smell is likely to be stretched across the face of incoming visitors. The biodegradable bin bags are available cheaply from supermarkets, ebay and other niche bin websites. As long as they are changed regularly and cleaned thoroughly your internal food waste kitchen caddy bin should not become smelly.

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