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Bin Collections

26 Nov 2010 by David Howells in categories Bin Collection | Be the first to comment here.

Collecting the rubbish bins is probably one of the most important services your council provides, as well as one of the least celebrated. Refuse collection isn’t the most glamorous job in the world, but it is vital and can instantly cause problems if it isn’t done – just ask the people of Leeds, who were […]

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Rubbish Bins for Business – Keeping the Outside Clean

18 Nov 2010 by Chris Taylor in categories ashtray, dustbin, external bin, food bins, public bins | Be the first to comment here.

The outside of any business is important. Image and the way a company presents itself are key factor’s to any business reputation and there is no more a direct face of any company than the front of the premises. And while many businesses hire office cleaners and ensure the interior work space is kept well […]

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Children and Bins Safety and Requirements

11 Nov 2010 by Chris Taylor in categories bin facts, Bins for Care sector, nappy bin, public bins, sanitary bin, school litter bin | Be the first to comment here.

Rubbish bins are a necessary requirement of public bodies, institutions and businesses that work with children. Nurseries, schools and colleges generate a lot of waste and providing receptacles for safe and hygienic disposal is important; however, children and bins can often come into conflict and preventing injury, mess or damage is important when providing waste […]

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Rubbish Bin Security – Importance of Providing Safe Public Waste Bins

04 Nov 2010 by Chris Taylor in categories hospital bin, public bin, public bins, service sector bins, waste management | Be the first to comment here.

When providing bins for the public, whether you are a business, private organisation or a public body, it is important to remember that when providing rubbish bins there are safety and security aspects to think about. Rubbish bins are an essential part of any building or premises, especially when members of the public are around. […]

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