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Rubbish Bins – Importance of Design

19 Aug 2010 by Chris Taylor in categories designer bins, external bin, home improvement, household bins, public bins | Be the first to comment here.

Many of us may think of the humble waste bin as just a simple receptacle for throwing our rubbish in; however, there are a wide variety of different types of rubbish bin, all designed for different tasks and purposes. Design is highly important when it comes to selecting the right type of waste bin. So […]

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Food Disposal and Waste Management

12 Aug 2010 by Chris Taylor in categories external bin, food bins, industrial bins, kitchen bins, rubbish tips, waste tips | Be the first to comment here.

Disposing of so much food brings with it many problems but many of those can be solved by good waste management and the correct rubbish bin. The amount of food that is disposed of waste bins in the UK alone, is staggering. Shops and takeaways dispose of 1.6 million tonnes of food each year; manufactures […]

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Waste Management for Hospitals – it’s all about the rubbish bins

05 Aug 2010 by Chris Taylor in categories hospital bin, public bins, sanitary bin, service sector bins, Social Care Bins, waste management | Be the first to comment here.

Waste management is perhaps more important for hospitals than any other industry or institution. Hospitals produce vast amounts of waste and refuse from all manner of sources and not all of it can just be thrown into the rubbish bins. There are two types of waste produced by hospitals and medical settings: clinical waste, which […]

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